Meet Our Team

Every great team is made up of a dynamic group of individuals who each bring their own gifts to the table.  The Adventure Academy team is no different.  Each member of our team works hard to change the face of the educational landscape for families all over the world.  We are excited to serve you and your family in your educational journey. 


Randy Harris - Co-Founder, Guide, and Writer

I am a husband to an amazing wife (Leah) and a father to three awesome kids.  I live and work in the Phoenix, AZ area.  I have been in education for over 14 years.  I have been a teacher, a coach, a tutor, as well as many other hats along the way.  Growing up on a small farm in Texas, I have seen first-hand how real learning takes place in the context of real life.  During that time my parents homeschooled me and my siblings.  Some of the greatest lessons I carry with me today took place within the relationships of my family on that farm. 

As a parents, my wife and I want to build learning into the fabric of our family.  We strive to incorporate those same lessons and principles we both learned growing up into the daily life around my own home. 

Throughout my years in education, I have seen the need for two major things:

  1. Stronger family units
  2. Better preparation for our kids to enter the real world

In 2012 I began fitting the pieces together to bring the principles of life on the farm into education to help solve these two needs.  That has led to Adventure Academy. 

Today, I work hard to bring families together through experiential, family-based education.  I can honestly say that Adventure Academy is for my family as much as it is your family.  I am confident that, with each member of the Adventure Academy family, we can build a world-class community of people who can change the face of education.


Angie Price - Co-Founder and Curriculum Director

I've been blessed to be married to my husband Jon for nearly 18 years. We have two awesome boys who help keep us from being hopelessly boring. When I'm not binge watching Top Chef, I'm usually making some sort of mess in the kitchen, often trying to find creative ways to use all the veggies produced in my Adventure Academy tended garden!

I'm definitely no stranger to education on the outside. As a child, I lived all over the world, and my education consisted of reading voraciously and seeking out my own learning and meaning in the rich experiences of my childhood. I wandered hidden temples high in the mountains of Hong Kong, stared transfixed at the Sistine Chapel, and kept a little book of drawings of the places I wanted to remember for their beauty. --New Mexico made the list.

As an adult, I've spent more than 20 years educating kids.  I believe wholeheartedly that education takes place everywhere, and I also believe in the ability and instincts of parents as teachers, kids as leaders, and am confident in the outcome when we listen to those instincts.

Years ago, when Randy and I began discussing what the Adventure Academy would look like, we began with the premise that all people, regardless of their current functioning, learn best in an environment that integrates the mind, body, and spirit; that we were all learners and we were all leaders; and that genuine choice in education was the best possible path for all learners and leaders.

I’ve worn lots of hats when it comes to education—parent, teacher, administrator, tutor, coach—and in each of these roles, I have been overwhelmed by the expertise and leadership that parents, community members, and kids contribute when given the opportunity.  To me, Adventure Academy is just that, an opportunity for all team members to step up and lead no matter where your journey takes you.