Private Tutoring

 Real Learning in the context of Real Life.

Whether in your home, on the trail, or over a video call, Adventure Academy has the right guide to assist you and your family along your educational journey.  We will spend time learning your family's unique gifts, abilities, and challenges.  Our expert guides will work with you to:
  1. determine the best path to help your child develop the intellect, creativity, and endurance necessary for them to successfully blaze their own trail
  2. develop a plan to empower your child to unlock the potential that lies within them
  3. help your child flourish by working within a dynamic balance of cognitive ability, physical health, and social connections
We partner with families of all ages and ability levels.  Our guides are experienced in:
  • formal classroom settings
  • one-on-one tutoring
  • experiential education
  • test prep
  • Empowerment Scholarship (ESA)
  • and much more.

In-home tutoring is offered in the Phoenix, AZ metro area.  Worldwide services available via video call.

Contact us today to start your Adventure with one of our expert tutors today. Be a trailblazer and get a group of friends together.  Special rates apply for small group excursions! 
I highly recommend Adventure Academy to anyone looking for top quality education in a more personal environment .

Maureen S.

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