The Greatest Teacher

Hubbard Jr. High School was a place of learning, growth, development, and (most importantly to the teens in attendance) fun. Each day of the 180 school days each year, lessons were taught, some were learned; games were played, many were won; friendships were forged, some were lost, and young minds were shaped. Regardless of the events of each day, there was one constant; the students of Hubbard Jr. High School continued to grow, develop, and mature into young adults.


As my years at Hubbard Jr. High School fade into the distance, a striking lesson comes to light. As much as I lost and failed during those years, I still grew up. In spite of the mistakes I made, and others around me made, I grew up. The years I, and many others like me, spent at Hubbard Jr. High School did not make me, but they certainly did help shape me. As distant as those years are, several teachers from that time stand head and shoulders above the rest. They went above and beyond to make sure that I learned the greatest and most valuable lesson a young boy could ever learn. These teachers spent countless hours poring over homework, attending countless sporting events, scolding me when I did wrong, and praising me when I did well. These teachers did more than anyone ever did to shape me into the person I am today. The ironic thing about these teachers is that they never were employed by Hubbard Jr. High School. They never even held a teaching license. These teachers never gave me a grade, and they never sent me to the principal’s office. These teachers were my parents.


As a teacher, I am continuously involved in shaping young minds. I make sure that concepts are learned, mastered, and then applied to the real world. I make sure that the students I work with enjoy learning, and that they are academically able to accomplish anything they put their mind to. However, the time I spend with these students is dwarfed by the amount of time I spend with my son. I am one of the two most influential teachers in my son’s life.


My wife and I continuously teach our son valuable lessons that very few classroom teachers ever have the opportunity to teach. We teach lessons about physical well being, discipline, fortitude, how to cope with loss, how to handle success, character, the value of integrity, how to love those around us, how to serve those around us, and how to grow up to be a man that anyone would be proud of.


There are 8,760 hours in one year. For school-aged children, approximately 1,260 of those hours are spent at school. That is only 14 percent of the total time each year. While school teachers hold highly valuable positions in the lives of our children, they pale in comparison to the importance held by you; the parent. You are the most important person in your child’s life. You are the most influential teacher that this young person will ever have.


While the folks at Adventure Academy offer lots of great services such as curriculum, tutoring, PE, leadership training, as well as many others, the most valuable thing we do is to support you as the ultimate teacher in your child’s life. So, as you get ready to send your child back to school for the next 180 days, just remember that we are here to support your job as the head teacher for your child. We want to help you in any way possible. When you need some additional support, feel free to contact us, and we will be happy to help you as you perform the two most important jobs in the world: parent and teacher.

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