Freedom.  For many, this word conjures up thoughts of eagles, stars and stripes, fireworks, and tons of other patriotic things.  For some, it brings to mind the wide-open plains, hiking, camping, and adventures galore.  Still others, it promotes the idea of a cure, a lightening of the load, or being unencumbered by a huge weight.  No matter the idea it promotes, freedom is something that we all need in one way or another.  It is also the spark that can ignite a fire, which can burn brighter than anything someone else creates for you.

Imagine the feeling.  You have been saddled with a heavy load all day long.  You have been walking up and down, buckling under the burden that is incessantly trying to break your back.  At the end of the day, you take that load off.  Ah, relief.  Your muscles relax, you stand up straight, and begin to feel like you are weightless.  As your body adjusts to this new, liberated state, you find yourself walking much lighter on your feet.  Your joints have less pain.  You have a newfound motivation to tackle greater challenges.  That is true relief.

As students, parents, and teachers, we have a unique ability to help others experience freedom.  We may be freeing someone from a burden, time, an addiction, or any other albatrosses that could hang around our neck.  Whatever the weight, by releasing them of it, we restore the ability to run, jump, explore, and reach heights never before imagined.  As you serve those around you, be aware of those weights.  See how you can relieve someone of the burdens holding them down, and help set them free.

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